Our Story

In 2009, with their children grown and involved in their own careers, Alice and David Alkosser began to realize their magnetic attraction to the Napa Valley.  They had visited the Valley often over the years and each time they yearned to own “a property just for the fun of it with a picturesque view of someone else’s vineyards.”  Then they discovered what would become Shadybrook Estate in the Coombsville area with its magical hillside panorama and sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and valley below.

Alice and David then assembled a professional team with well over 100 years of vineyard and winemaking experience for Shadybrook Estate.  So in the fall of 2013 when another unique vineyard opportunity presented itself they were "ready to hit the road running"  when a highly respected vineyard and source of countless award winning wines became available.  Hidden beneath the towering ridges of the northeastern mountains of Napa Valley's Vaca Range on the eastern slopes of Howell Mountain, Secret Rows Ranch is surrounded by majestic views and ideal exposures. The soils are comprised of an intricate tapestry of rocky shale with pockets of clay based gravel and loam that promised another remarkable discovery.

A complete review of the vineyard was undertaken by Viticulturalist Tom Prentice, Vineyard Manager Mario Bazán and Winemaker Mitch Cosentino to determine what must be done to take the vineyard to new heights and maximize the essence of its soil composition and varietal mix.  The work began immediately and the results are proving themselves in an amazing fashion.  The future is bright for Secret Rows Ranch with the Alkosser's dedication to excellence and their team's ability and commitment to deliver everything to achieve that goal.

Now firmly in the wine business as both growers and vintners with two award winning properties, Alice and David are living their dream and watching what was once a search for a “fun” property to enjoy transcend into a 21st century journey in the Napa Valley wine industry.  Alice is back to her “tasting” roots but with wine instead of chocolate and David has fulfilled his love for real estate and the land with the bonus of a glass of wine in hand.