Alice and David Alkosser


Alice and David AlkosserAlice ventured into the Napa Valley while studying Food Chemistry at UC Davis. She developed an interest in wines and enrolled in a viticulture and enology class (coincidentally the same year as the famous Paris tasting that put Napa wines on the map!). After completing her degree, Alice pursued her career in research and development for major food companies such as Hunt Wesson Foods, Gerber’s Baby Foods, Van de Kamp Frozen Foods and others.  She specialized in new product development and sensory analysis while also working as a professional taster.
David graduated in Engineering from Cal Poly and started his working career as an industrial engineer but always had an entrepreneurial eye toward owning his own business one day.  He met Alice and they married in 1980.  They continued to pursue their own professional careers as they began to raise a family of three in the Southern California beach communities of Orange County. 

They soon realized the potential of real estate ownership, investment, and management.  Pooling their resources they founded their own company and worked together, starting a business that David would later grow into a successful enterprise spanning several states.
As economics allowed, Alice and David developed their interest in wine that broadened with their extensive travel to wine producing and culinary meccas of the world.  Over the years their curiosity in fine wine and food grew into a passion coupled with an intense drive to expand their knowledge through tastings with wine savvy friends and collectors.  They enjoyed the search for prominent wines from various regions to pair with cuisine from the same locales.
Both Alice and David long possessed an intense love affair with the land that began to manifest itself while visiting the Napa Valley in 2005.  A few years later, they discovered a magnificent vineyard property in the hills of Coombsville and decided to create an estate where all of their dreams could be realized.  Shadybrook Estate was launched to wide acclaim with the 2010 vintage and the Secret Rows Ranch vineyard was purchased in the fall of 2013.

In order to realize their pledge of excellence while fulfilling their vinous passion, the Alkossers set the quality bar high for Secret Rows Ranch, as they had so successfully done for Shadybrook Estate, and established a talented team of associates with more than 100 years of combined experience in vineyards and the wine industry.