Winegrowing Philosophy

Great wines have always spoken of the vineyard.  In order to keep our voice strong and clear we pledge to never compromise our efforts in the vineyard or winery.  Our philosophy says it all:

We aspire to produce exceptional wines expressing our
unique hillside terroir and personality of the vine.
Mitch Cosentino, Winemaker

The cornerstone of our winegrowing philosophy is grounded in the vineyard but coupled with our constant awareness of keeping a vigilant eye toward the winery and winemaking.  In order to produce the world class wines we demand for Secret Rows Ranch, the vineyard and winery are totally in synch and work as one. This integration must be as seamless as the profile of the finished wines and it is our duty to make sure this concept is continuously kept to the forefront of all we do.   

At Secret Rows Ranch our vineyard work begins with soil balance and fertility.  Our efforts are aimed at creating the best possible sustainable healthy environment for the vine not only to satisfy today’s demands but also for generations to come.  Each vineyard block is planted and farmed separately emphasizing the biodiversity of the land while ensuring the precious fruit produced is representative of its complete palette of flavors, textures and aromas.

Our viticultural and winemaking team combines its many decades of winegrowing experience to maximize the terroir of each individual vineyard block through skillful pairing with our Cabernet Sauvignon Secret Clone™ and specific cultivars of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion and Sangiovese. Throughout the growing season our vineyard crew makes several thinning passes carefully managing each section of the vineyard to maintain the crucially important balance between fruit and vine vigor so that each vine will contribute its maximum to the finished wine.

As the growing season nears its end we again look to the optimum flavor maturity and ripeness of each vineyard block to determine its own proper harvest time.  We then make several passes through the vineyard to maintain the diverse balance and ferment all lots separately so that the individual character of each is preserved through the blending process and finished wine.  

When harvest is complete and the vines have rested through the winter we analyze all sections of the vineyard for nutrient depletion.  We return fertility to the ground where needed by the addition of organic compost to replace micro-nutrients.

At Secret Rows Ranch we identify with winegrowing as the artistic representation of countless scientific and empirical practices learned over many thousands of years.  In our role as stewards of the vineyard we vow to take meticulous care of the ground, vines and grapes.